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RubyConf Mini coming to Providence

RubyConf 2022 is happening November 29 through December 1 in Houston, TX. However, RubyConf Mini was recently announced – and it’s happening right here in Providence November 15-17!

Let’s get the band back together! I mean, let’s find ways to give our Ruby community a warm welcome. Introduce folks to proper calimari, and go get 2 all-the-way with some coffee milk.

If you are comfortable attending in person, then hopefully I’ll see you there! As of this post, there is one more day to submit your talk to RubyConf Mini – but I’m betting there will be some lightning talk opportunities as well.

I’ll post more if I hear anything new. And thanks so much to the conference organizers Jemma Issroff, Andy Croll, and Emily Giurleo for choosing Providence as your venue!