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June 11, 2014 Meetup - "You're Not Special!" by Zach Briggs

On Wednesday, June 11, we will end our hiatus with a remote presentation from Zach Briggs (@TheOtherZach) entitled “You’re Not Special!”

Top Talent, Rockstars, A-Players. Tradition states that these are exceptional humans, possessing talents that others do not. The good news is they are not special, they were not born into success.

The better news is that you’re not special either.

This talk is about learning to learn, putting ourselves in a place where being more awesome is inevitable. It will explore how the brain’s structure changes as we internalize skills and how that can be used to build positive feedback loops. It talks about how I believe that focus itself is an acquired skill and how we can nurture that to build more grit. Finally, we explore how our perception of others effects their ability to grow.

This talk is for anybody who’s ready to stop being special and start becoming great.

We will also mourn the death of TDD and share our secrets.yml files.

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