December Hackfest Details


After some discussion, we will be having our first “hackfest” this coming Monday night, December 15.

We’ll meetup at the new BatchBlue headquarters. BatchBlue is located at 131 Wayland Avenue, Providence RI.

You can show up anytime between 6-7 PM. Go to the side of the building and you will see some glass doors with a small BatchBlue sticker on them. Do not go to the top floor as that is Working Planet; BatchBlue is in the basement.

There are no special details for the hackfest and just one simple rule: no “day-job” work allowed. Come and work on your own projects and scratch an itch. Bring your current Ruby, Rails, Merb, Sinatra, Python, Perl, or even Erlang project (.NET developers need not apply) to hack on with others. Have a hardware project you are working on, that’s cool too. Sick of coding and just want to hang, perfect.

If you do come, bring a few bucks for some chow as we hope to have pizza and drinks on-site. Please RSVP below in the comments or on the RIRUG Google Groups mailing list so we have a decent idea of how many folks to expect.

Hope to see you there, and thanks to BatchBlue for providing the space.

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