October Meeting Wrapup


First of all, I want to thank everyone who showed out last night. We had a great turnout for the inaugural meeting and I’m looking forward to the future meetings. The next two months will be a bit difficult for meeting planning as I’m sure most everyone has plans for the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays. We may just try to do one meeting for Nov-Dec sometime in early December.

If you haven’t yet, please signup for the RIRUG Google Group mailing list. The mailing list is where most discussion regarding meeting planning will happen and is also a great place for you to stay in touch with the Ruby community here in RI. Use the mailing list as a way to pick each others brains on development issues, new ideas, and anything else that crosses your mind.

Thanks to Matt Gillooly for talking about his experience during RailsRumble2008 and the Twitter client they created, Twalala. I’ve embedded the Sinatra Presentation I gave last night below. You can also download the full presentation at SlideShare. If you have any questions about Sinatra or Haml just send a note to the mailing list.

Sinatra Ruby Framework View SlideShare presentation or Upload your own. (tags: ruby sinatra)

I want to give another huge thanks again to Wayne Franklin for letting us use the beautiful OfficeLAB space last night to host our meeting. If you or someone you know is looking for some co-working office space or needs a conference room to use, please get in touch with Wayne and utilize the great location he has setup.

Thanks also to Addison-Wesley for sponsoring the meeting and providing us with some Ruby books and a conference pass to give away. For everyone who was at the meeting, you can take advantage off the $200 discount to the upcoming “Voices That Matter: Professional Ruby Conference” in Boston this Nov 17-20 by using code “PRJUSER” when you signup for a conference pass.